Drug Charges – Possesion & Distribution

The police routinely pull over cars and search them and their occupants without reasonable suspicion or probable cause. They charge you with Possession with Intent to Distribute and throw in the School Zone Charge that carries minimum mandatory jail or prison time. You need to hire an attorney right away so that the case may be analyzed. Most drug cases live or die upon a Motion to Suppress the evidence. A Judge decides the Motion to Suppress. If you lose, you need to be ready to try your case the right way. Your attorney will protect your rights. At trial, The Prosecutor is now required to produce a State Lab Chemist who tested the drugs. If they cannot, your case could be dismissed. Only an experienced and prepared lawyer can make the right analysis. The penalties you face depend on the weight of the drugs. The larger the quantity, the more punishment you face.

We handle all types of drug offenses including:

  • Annie Dookan/Jamaica plain drug lab tainted cases
  • Possession of all types of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, heroine, unauthorized prescription drugs such as oxycodone, designer drugs, Ecstasy, etc.
  • Possession with intent to distribute.
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug Distribution
  • Trafficking in drugs

Penalties for drug offenses are very serious including fines, prison time, court mandated drug rehabilitation programs, probation, and community service.

Attorney Scott Bradley has achieved many great results for previous clients including having a trafficking of drugs charge dismissed and beating intent to distribute cases at trial.

Update:  Drug Laws Overhauled Effective July 31, 2012

  • School Zones Shrink From 1000 To 300 Feet.
  • School Zone Law Applies From 5am To Midnight Only
  • Drug Trafficking In Cocaine And Heroine.  You Now Need 18 Grams To Be Indicted On Trafficking.  This Was Raised From 14.
  • Cocaine Trafficking:  18 Grams To Less Than 36 Grams:  2 To 15 Years State Prison (2 Minimum Mandatory).
  • 36 To Less Than 100 Grams:  3 1/2 Minimum Mandatory To 20 Years State Prison.
  • 100-199 Grams Carries An 8 Year Minimum Mandatory-20 Years State Prison Sentence
  • 200 And Above Carries A 12 Year Minimum Mandatory -20 Years State Prison Sentence
  • Subsequent Offense Cocaine Distribution Now Carries 3 1/2 To 10 Years In State Prison (3 1/2 Years Is The Minimum Mandatory)
  • Trafficking In Heroine:  18 Grams Now Required To Qualify For Trafficking.
  • 18 Grams To Less Than 36 Grams:  2 To 15 Years State Prison (2 Year Inimum Mandatory)
  • 36 Grams To Less Than 100 Grams:  3 1/2 To 20 Years State Prison (3 1/2 Minimum Mandatory)
  • 100 Grams To Less Than 200 Grams Carries 8 Years To 20 Years State Prison  (8 Minimum Mandatory)
  • 200 Grams And Above Carries 12 To 20 Years State Prison (12 Minimum Mandatory)
  • Subsequent Offense Heroine Distribution:  3 1/2 Years To 15 Years State Prison (3 1/2 Minimum Mandatory)

For a Complete list of Drug Schedules, check out the Massachusetts Legislature page. 

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