How are state and federal crimes different


If a violation of a federal criminal law occurs within the borders of New Hampshire, then it will be prosecuted with a federal court, rather than a county or state court, by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Successfully defending a federal criminal case an attorney to have the experience required to identify issues that are unique to the investigations and prosecutions of federal crimes, in addition to knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines. Our law firm maintains a capable team of Brockton Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers who rigorously defend clients from federal charges including tax fraud, white collar crimes, federal drug crimes, and public corruption. Continue reading

What to expect from a criminal defense attorney

If you are facing serious criminal charges that could result in prison time, it is imperative for you to have the best New Hampshire criminal defense attorney fighting on your behalf.

If you are facing the possibility of spending time in prison or other considerable criminal penalties, you need qualified and experienced legal representation. The Massachusetts legal system is designed in such a manner that, unless you possess legal experience and a high IQ, then representing yourself in criminal matters is nigh unto impossible. No two criminal cases are exactly alike. A criminal defense attorney is specifically trained to identify and analyze the specific facts of a case that make it unique. Moreover, an experienced defense lawyer can isolate certain factors and arguments that could negate or even mitigate any potential crime. At the end of the day, hiring a defense attorney to represent you in a criminal trial is a necessity. Continue reading

When Can I Lose My Right to Confidentiality?

The most basic underpinning of the attorney-client relationship is the fact that client-lawyer communications must be kept confidential. A Massachusetts criminal defense attorney is legally prohibited from revealing a client’s written or oral statements to any other individual, which includes employers, prosecutors, family members, or friends, without the express consent of their client. It does not matter if their client maintains their innocence or confesses their guilt. Communications between an attorney and their clients are privileged. Both private MA criminal defense lawyers and public defenders appointed by the court are equally bound by these restrictions.

However, there are certain conditions under which a defendant can forgo their legal right to confidentiality. Continue reading

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