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This is one of the most common questions that we hear from new clients. Here is a brief overview of some of the types of cases our experienced Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers handle:


Criminal defense continues beyond the initial trial. A defendant who has been convicted of a crime has collateral and appellate legal rights to further judicial review. An appellate review can uncover errors made by a prosecutor or trial court, which can be reversed upon appeal. In New Hampshire, the appeals process is complex. It requires a lawyer to be detailed oriented and knowledgeable. Our defense attorneys possess experience before federal and state courts of appeal, which function quite differently from trial courts.

The NH defense lawyers at our law firm have successfully represented numerous clients in appeal cases. Even if a defendant has been convicted of a serious crime, like rape or murder, could potentially have their original conviction set aside if the MA Court of Appeals deems that a judge, jury, or prosecutor wrongfully treated the defendant during the trial. The appeals legal process can rescue a defendant from a wrongful conviction, and if you have been convicted of a crime, you should immediately request an appeal with the assistance of an MA criminal lawyer.

Drug Related Crimes

New Hampshire remains at the forefront of aggressively prosecuting drug related crimes at both the federal and state levels. Even simple possession of marijuana is still classified as a crime in the state of Massaxhusetts. Rather frequently, we are requested to defend new clients in matters of simple roadside stops that resulted in an arrest for drug possession. While it might initially appear to be a minor matter, it can rather quickly escalate into a major concern. A drug conviction does result in a criminal record.

Our defense lawyers often defend clients against more serious allegations of drug trafficking, which can arise from numerous different contexts. Federal and state authorities frequently operate in consort with regards to investigating and prosecuting such cases, which run the gamut from drug sales and growing operations to possession with intent to distribute. The complicated approach of law enforcement to these matters, in addition to the complex Constitutional issues that come up, necessitates top quality legal defense, which our attorneys can provide.

Internet Crimes

The availability, usefulness, and convenience of the Internet continue to grow at an astonishing rate, as does the rate of Internet and computer crimes. The Internet enables each person to contact other individuals across the globe with a single click of the mouse, with no means of verifying a person’s identity or physical contact. This is the primary reason why scams, credit card fraud, and other similar offenses continue to grow.

Depending upon the particular offense, a conviction for an Internet related crime can result in time spent in a federal or state prison. Our lawyers have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the intricate federal and state laws surrounding Internet crimes and can create a powerful defense for any new client who is facing criminal charges of credit card fraud, identity theft, theft, phishing, and so on. Wrongful access to another person’s data or hacking can also incur serious consequences. Our New Hampshire criminal defense attorneys can provide the aggressive and experienced defense required to avoid a conviction.

Juvenile Crimes

Within the state of Massaxhusetts, criminal matters committed by minor children are handled in the juvenile court system, wherein a different set of standards and processes are applied. For juvenile offenders, there exist a plethora of different sentencing options. For the most serious offenses, a juvenile can be sentenced to time in a juvenile detention facility, rather than jail. The average juvenile case is dealt with via assignment to a parole officer and juvenile probation. A plan of programming and supervision is developed, which frequently include alcohol and drug screening and regular contact.

For more serious offenses, New Hampshire has devised a system for certifying a minor offender as an adult. Such cases usually involve serious sexual and violent crimes, like sexual assault and murder. In these cases, as with all juvenile cases, it is critical to employ the defense of a skilled defense lawyer who understands this complex certification process. These cases, in particular, are complex and sensitive and require an insightful and knowledgeable attorney, which our law firm can provide.

Sexual Offenses

There are fewer criminal allegations that are more stigmatizing that charges of sexual misconduct. In these instances, there is much at stake. A conviction for sexual assault can result in considerable prison or jail sentences, as well as the requirement for the defendant to register as sex offender. These obligations can last the duration of a lifetime.

Domestic matters, like romantic encounters and custody disputes, regularly pave the way for false allegations of sexual misconduct. The Internet and computer technology have similarly created a new genre of sexual offenses. Child pornography, luring, and Internet solicitation laws have placed thorough defense at a premium. Our criminal defense lawyers possess experience in analyzing medical issues, victim statements, and a plethora of other technological issues that routinely arise in sex cases. We know when to call upon the services of expert witnesses and how to use expert analysis effectively in pretrial negotiations and at trial.

Violent Offenses

Violent offenses are among the most serious that a defendant can face. Examples of such charges include assault and battery and simple assault. In addition to thousands of dollars in costly fines, a conviction for a violent offense can also result in a lengthy prison sentence. Our defense attorneys are well familiar with the impact that imprisonment can have upon a client. Lengthy prison sentences can destroy families, make professional opportunities disappear virtually overnight, and label individuals as violent offenders for the rest of their lives. We vigorously advocate for and defend clients who have been charged with such offenses.

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These are just a small sample of the types of cases our attorneys routinely handle. The list also includes theft offenses, white collar crimes, and many more.

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