How are state and federal crimes different


If a violation of a federal criminal law occurs within the borders of New Hampshire, then it will be prosecuted with a federal court, rather than a county or state court, by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Successfully defending a federal criminal case an attorney to have the experience required to identify issues that are unique to the investigations and prosecutions of federal crimes, in addition to knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines. Our law firm maintains a capable team of Brockton Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers who rigorously defend clients from federal charges including tax fraud, white collar crimes, federal drug crimes, and public corruption.

To practice law within the federal court system requires an attorney to understand the issues that are unique to federal led investigations, which are investigations conducted by different federal agencies instead of a local police department. Such issues include the more frequent use of immunity and cooperation agreements and investigative technology than in a state court system. Analyzing the pros and cons of witness cooperation, creating cooperation agreements to guard clients from further prosecution down the road, and devising clear understandings with regards to consideration for cooperation are just a few of the issues critical to effectively representing clients within the federal court system.

Correctly applying and interpreting federal sentencing guidelines is similarly critical in successfully defending federal criminal cases. Modern court opinions are slowly beginning to do away with the required application of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, but these guidelines still remain the primary driving force behind sentencing federal cases within New Hampshire. These guidelines enable downward and upward departures under a number of different circumstances, including acceptance of responsibility and cooperation, amongst others. At our law firm, we dedicated the time required to understand the nuances of sentencing guidelines and routinely offer guidelines analysis for our clients, in addition to fellow members of the NH bar who seek our assistance in handling their own federal cases.

Federal criminal charges and cases also frequently deal with issues that are related to the forfeiture of assets and property. Asset forfeiture is one issue that is complicated enough on its own that the United States Attorney’s office has dedicated lawyers assigned solely to issues that are related to the seizure of property and monetary funds in forfeiture actions. In addition to the direct consequences of federal criminal cases, forfeiture actions that are aggressive in nature often result in financial ruin for our clients. Our criminal defense attorneys possess a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with these complicated situations and routinely address concerns about forfeiture within the context of case negotiations.

The impact of having a federal criminal record, exposure to federal prison conditions, and the application of harsh sentencing guidelines necessitate that individuals charged with a federal offense retain experienced legal representation. Our Massachusetts criminal defense attorneys are, unfortunately, familiar with the draconian impact that a federal conviction can have on our clients, their professional futures, and their families and loved ones.

Our extensive track record successfully reflects our abilities to secure favorable outcomes for each of our clients. Regardless of the seriousness of the federal charges that have been leveled against you, our defense lawyers utilize a team oriented approach when it comes to pursuing aggressive defense strategies. For a free consultation regarding your case, please contact our law firm today.

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